Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What are the facilities available at Marina Island Jetty Complex?
Where is it located?
What are the "ticket price" to Pangkor?
What time must we be at the jetty?
How long does a tourist need to stay in Pangkor Island before they are entitle to buy duty free goods?
What if I lost my ticket?
What if I missed the scheduled date and time of the ferry trip as stated on my ticket?
Can I change the date or time of ticket purchased?
Can I give away ticket purchased to someone else?
Can I cancel ticket purchased and ask for refund?
How to purchase tickets for a group?
What if I am from a licensed Travel Agent?
Where can I get the latest ferry schedule?
Will the ferry departure time change?
Can I purchase ticket via online?
Where can I get actual ticket purchased online?
What information that I need to prepare and why do you need this information?
I have an OKU/ disabled family member.  Can a wheelchair be brought into the ferry?
Do you have a wheelchair that I can use prior to boarding onto the ferry?
Can I bring the bicycle / cargo into the ferry?
Is there any parking facility at the Marina Island Jetty?
Is it secure to park at Marina Island?
What is the parking rate?
We have a group / convoy of cars or bikes.  Can we book parking lots for our group?
Is the distance of the parking area far away from the jetty?
Can I bring pets into the ferry?